The Application Process

Our team has created a streamlined, online format to apply for all of our title loans Pensacola. At Kentville Lenders, we strive to make everything as simple as possible. The great news is that our website is entirely safe and secure. You'll only be dealing with our staff members, and we'll safeguard your information now and in the future.

If you have an internet connection from a computer, phone, or tablet, you can apply for one of our loans. The entire process only takes about five minutes to complete.

The first part of the application deals with your personal information. We only require the bare minimum of information. Our team won't run any background checks or run your information through a computer to determine your eligibility. All we'll need to know is your:



Phone number

We trust that our clients are responsible enough to make their own financial decisions, so there isn't any deliberation at all. In fact, the actual amount that we can finance you is solely based on the information that you provide us about your vehicle. As long as you have the legal title to a car, truck, SUV, or van, we should be able to get you some funding.

Our team at Kentville Lenders doesn't care about the condition of the vehicle. We'll only need a little information to get you the funding you deserve. We'll only need to know the automobile's:


Year of production

Make, model, and style

Remaining balance

Since the entire loan is generated through our website, it is fair and equitable for everyone. We do need to know the remaining balance because that information will help to determine the amount of the loan. You can expect to receive a higher loan quote if you don't owe anything on the vehicle. The less you owe, the more you are able to get funded with our title loans Pensacola.

About Our Team

Kentville Lenders is conveniently located in the heart of Pensacola. We assist clients throughout the surrounding areas on a daily basis, and we would love the chance to help you get the money you want or need. We have representatives available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you to make any necessary changes to the loan. Since our location is very convenient, we may be able to give you a check for the loan proceeds just a few hours after the loan is finalized. All you will have to do is stop by the office to get it. Our staff members will also help you to correctly fill out the online form if needed. You can even use our internet access because our goal is to help you as much as possible.

How It Works

Like all title loans Pensacola, you will be using your vehicle as collateral against the loan. As long as you make the appropriate payments, we'll send you back the title to the vehicle once the loan is paid in full. If you have trouble making any payments, you should notify us as soon as possible to avoid any difficult situations.

There are instances when loans are not repaid properly. If this does occur, we may have to impound the vehicle. Our highly qualified specialist will come to your location to take ownership of the vehicle. We will then sell the automobile for as much as possible. We'll use the proceeds to pay off the loan and give you back any extra money.

You also have up to 42 months to repay the loan, and you can always pay more than the minimum to reduce interest charges. Another feature is that we allow you to continue using the vehicle as long as the payments are being made.

When you choose Kentville Lenders, we'll work hard to make sure that this is a positive vehicle loan for you. You can speak directly with our lending team at any time, and you're free to use the money however you wish. Unlike other lenders, we will never tell you how you're supposed to use your money.

This is a great chance to get up to $25,000 for a car loan, and we look forward to assisting you soon. Get to the application page to fill in your information because we have your money ready.

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